Rules for Rackets

USATT Official Rules for Hardbat Paddles


he blade shall conform to the USATT definition, except that it shall be comprised solely of rigid wood (no carbon or other non-wood plies). The handle may incorporate decorative non-wood inserts or inlays. If two hitting surfaces are used, both surfaces must be identical, and the composition of the blade must be internally symmetrical with respect to each surface. That is, it shouldn't matter which surface is used to hit the ball... they both must be identical

As of November 2005, there is also a list of acceptable pre-assembled paddles (rubber permanently affixed):

  • Halex Competition 1000
  • Martin Kilpatrick Hurricane (5-ply)
  • Martin Kilpatrick Cyclone (3-ply)
  • Stiga Flash (T0001)
  • Stiga Classic 2 Player Set (T0501)
  • Ping Pong "Two Player Set" (T0505)
  • Ping Pong "One Star Racket" (T0005)
  • Sportcraft Trophy 2 Player Set (Model #19020)