Rubber, ITTF 2005 Actions

ITTF Short Pips Geometry Enforcement

Information gleaned from a post on Feb. 1, 2005 by Dr. Scott Gordon, Hardbat Committee Chairman of USATT:


few years ago the ITTF established new geometry rules for short pips rubbers. Starting in July 2005, the ITTF will enforce these rules.

A total of 29 products do not meet the new short pips specifications and will become illegal.

Among these are rubbers common in modern hardbat: Winning NP-1, NP-2, NP-8; Friedship 802, 563; Andro Classic; Joola Orthodox; Goldway 933; TSP MilliTall; the old Hock and Leyland rubbers (not ITTF approved now). Some short pips sponge rubbers are affected also: Butterfly Challenger, Chop, Impartial 10, Resilon; DHS PF-4-652; Doublefish 820; Meteor 845; TSP Giant;Yasaka Omote; Nittaku Magic Carbon; TSP Spinpips; and others.

The remaining legal hardbat rubbers will not be of the "classic hardbat type" except for Butterfly Orthodox which meets the specifications but is not accepted as a real Classic Hardbat rubber by some.

Despite the loss of ITTF certification, the banned rubbers may still be legal in hardbat play in the US if they are on the list of approved rubbers that governs hardbat play starting in December 2005.


Andro Classic, Winning NP-1 and NP-8, TSP Super Spinpips, Friendship 802-1 are again on the ITTF approved list as of January 1, 2006.

Summary and additional comments by Hermann Luechinger