Rubber, Leyland

Leyland Hardbat Rubber



uring the Classic years from the 1930s to the early 1950s, the pimpled rubber manufactured by British Leyland was popular with many of the top players in the world. Leyland sold this rubber under their own name, Leyland, as well as under the name of well known players, such as Barna.

Then as now, paddles used by the stars of the period were popular with regular tournament players. In contrast to today, then, even tournament players commonly bought a paddle with the rubber already attached. While the paddle might carry the name of a famous player, the rubber was frequently identical between brands — it was Leyland rubber. This was the case for the Hock paddles, popular in the US at the time. Since in the early years the rubber sheets did not have the brand name molded in, this "nameless" rubber on the Hock paddles was referred to as Hock rubber by some.

While Leyland rubber is still popular with today's hardbat players, it is not manufactured anymore since British Leyland went out of business a few years ago.

However, ATP Sports Ltd. in England has recreated the playing characteristics of Leyland rubber in their REISMAN rubber, which became available in 2005. See this link for information on REISMAN rubber.