Rubber Rules

Hardbat Rubber Rules

The Concise Version:

Short pimples. No sponge. Identical rubber on forehand and backhand side, except for color. Color not restricted to red and black. Forehand and backhand side may be same color. Only thin glue coat or glue sheet. For the complete official rules check at

Changed Rules as of December 2005:

The earlier rules that specified pips dimensions and distribution have been replaced with a list of approved rubber sheets. This list became active in December 2005 and may be revised at any time.

Approved Rubbers:

  • Leyland ("Hock" rubber)
  • Andro Classic
  • Butterfly Orthodox
  • Dunlop Barna Original
  • Friendship 563
  • Hallmark MagicPips
  • Alphatools ATP Reisman
  • TSP Millitall
  • Yasaka A-1, A-2
  • Yasaka Cobalt

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