Dexter Grey

Dexter Grey - World Renowned Pianist (and hardbat player)


hose who have the honor of watching him perform were one in saying that he has the ability to touch one's soul with his playing.

New York's Witchcraft-Artist's Representative from Columbia Artists Management Inc. was even more generous with accolades saying, Dexter Grey has "a marvelous rapport with his audience, holding them spellbound with his ability to bring life the music of the great masters," further adding that "he has the rare ability; a brilliant virtuoso who plays with fire and abandon, producing a big sonorous rhapsodic sound." He was described as "both a poet and pyrotechnician whose technique dazzles but never intrudes upon the music."

Indeed, there can be no doubt in anyone's mind that Dexter Grey is one of the greatest pianists of our modern times. He who Bravo Magazine hailed as "one of the greatest living interpreters of the music of Chopin."

Dexter Grey was a child prodigy without peer. As a young boy he amazed the musical world with his genius, playing the works of the great masters without a single lesson, but only by imitating a series of old Victrola recordings of Paderewsky and Rachmaninoff. He was discovered and taught by his first mentor Madame Mana-Zucca, the grand dame of New York who made her concert debut in the 19th century after studying with the magnificent Liszt disciple, Ferruccio Busoni.

Dexter Grey then went to Europe for further training where he immersed himself in the study of the lives of the great masters. Standing in vigilance, head bowed at their gravesides, he pledged his life to the ideals of their music.

The Russian master Sergei Tarnowsky (a professor of piano at the Kiev Conservatory under Rubinstein, a Liszt disciple, and Rachmaninoff), whose pupils include the great Vladimir Horowitz, became the teacher of Dexter Grey. These descendants and protégés of the masters passed down to Dexter Grey the "last secrets" and traditions establishing him as a "spiritual grandson" of the fabled Franz Liszt circle that descended from Beethoven.

From the beginning in his remarkably diverse career, Dexter has shunned the glamour of the concert stage, withdrawing into mysterious seclusion for decades, spending his years studying to become a minister and later a teacher and scholar, earning degrees, credentials and many accolades.

His awards are too many to mention but most notable among them are: LifetimeAchievement Award by Motion Picture Council of Southern California, Music Achievement Award by the Foundation of Music Association, Honorary Award- Master in Music sponsored by conservatory music, Sichuan Province and Lifetime Achievement Award by World American Cultural Exchange and the People's Republic of China at Great Wall of China and Great Hall of the People.

When he did reappear in public he would emerge a deeper, even greater artist, making occasional appearances to support major charitable events and noble causes, such as the Polish Solidarity Crisis where he raised money in a series of historic concerts helping in the eventual overthrow of Communism in Europe.

Command performances for dignitaries and heads of state have brought him lavish praise from the strongest of leaders such as former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos who was brought to tears by his playing. The former ruler was reportedly so overcome by emotions that he actually went onstage and hugged the artist while proclaiming him the "Master of Masters". A meeting with Dexter Grey is like going on a journey back in time. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share one moment in time with a man that is representative of another era; an aristocratic world of elegance and opulence.

A notable figure in the elite society, he moves in the company of famous and respected men and women, the list of which reads like a veritable Who's Who from musical history, ranging from Friedelind Wagner, granddaughter of Richard Wagner and Cosima (daughter of Franz Liszt), and the Russian master Sergei Tarnowsky, to the Grand Diva of Europe, Madame Lotte Lehmann (Arturo Toscanini's mentor).

Opening his home as an International cultural Center, Dexter Grey has hosted celebrities from all walks of life: from European Royalty and the rules of the Orient to the likes of Robin Williams, Imelda Marcos and General William Westmoreland.

Currently, he is the CEO of Mission Medical Clinics located in 8215 Van Nuys Blvd. Suite 102, Panorama City, Ca 91402 and 14860 Roscoe Blvd. Suite 202, Panorama City, Ca 91402, President of Physician Management and President of Dexter Grey's Show and Cultural Center. Dexter Grey is married to Dr. Erlinda Dy Grey, they have three children named Helen, a graduate of Business Administration from UCLA, Catherine, a graduate of Psychology from University of California and Edward, a graduate from UCLA .

Courtesy SPOTLIGHT, June 24, 2005