The Classic Game

Where to play

Places to play Classic Table tennis

If you would like to list your club or other playing venue, please email us the following info:

  • Club/venue name
  • Address
  • Opening hours
  • Cost
  • Hardbat players at your location (names or numbers)
  • Contact info: web site, email, name, etc.
  • Any other information you would like us to display

We are greatly interested in listing foreign playing venues!

Map and List of USATT Affiliated Clubs

Click this link to get to the USATT website' s map and list of USATTaffiliated table tennis clubs. The list gives the playing address and contact information for each club.

Hardbat Hangouts

The old website has been vandalized and is temporarily out of order so the link below will not work at this time.

(This link leads to a copy of the USATT map on the website. Clicking on the map will display lists of Hardbat friendly clubs and other playing venues. The list is not up-to-date. We plan to update it in the near future and then move it to this website.)

Anchorage TTC


API Gymnasium

2900 Providence Drive

Anchorage, AK 95501


Karl Augestad

ATTC President


Hardbat playing times:

Tuesday & Thursday nights, 8 - 10 pm.

Local Hardbat Players:

Andy Hutzel, number two player at the club. Planning to attend European TT Championship (as spectator), Senior Olympics in Pittsburg PA in June, The Huntsman Games in October in Utah.

Click here to get to the Anchorage TT Club web site.

Novato TTC


Novato Teen Center

950 Seventh Street

Novato, CA

(30 miles North of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County)

Playing times:

Tuesday 7:00 - 10PM.


$5.00 per night

Click here to go to the Novato TTC website for more information.

Timpanogos TTC, Pleasant Grove


Pleasant Grove Community Center

Corner of 100 East and 200 South

Pleasant Grove, Utah

Playing times:

Wednesday night 8:00 - 10:30 p.m.

Thursday night 8:00 - 10:00 p.m.


$2.00 per night

Local Hardbat Players:

Noel Huermann, Hardbat U2000 Winner at 2004 National Championship in Las Vegas.

John Pratt, Hardbat Doubles Semifinalist with Noel at 2004 National Championship.

Click here to go to the Timpanogos TTC website for more information.