Hardbat in Europe

Hardbat in Europe


There is an active club in Nordhorn, Northern Germany, which has organized well attended Hardbat tournaments, starting in 2001. The 2004 tournament was attended by Scott Gordon and Al Papp from the US. Al also made to the 2005 tournament. Check out the Eintracht Nordhorn Club web site for a write-up. The 2005 results are also on the News/Tournaments page on this site.

The large table tennis tournament in Tegel-Berlin also has a Hardbat event. Check the News/Tournaments page for details (check for the free beer day).

Great Britain:

Hardbat has already had some great exposure in England, starting with the England vs. the US match in Manchester. There is a write-up of this encounter in the Hardbat Newsletter of Summer 2000 (see News/newsletters on this site).

Then in June 2004 the Gloucester Table Tennis Association organized a hardbat only tournament. Participation was restricted to 64 players, and the organizers had to turn away some players! After playing in Nordhorn, Scott Gordon and Al Papp travelled to London, where Hermann Luechinger joined them, and then moved on to Gloucester to participate in this tournament. The tournament got excellent press coverage both before and after the event. Check this write-up in a local paper.

Inspired by the success of this tournament, another tournament was held at the same location in August 2005. The tournament was organized as a charity event and had entrants from the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. See one write-up at this link or another one here.

Could the Gloucester Hardbat Tournamnet develop into a tradition? It's on the way. GTTA and ATP, the manufacturer of the Classic Reisman hardbat rubber, have already announced the 2006 tournament. See the announcement at this link.

There is also an annual hardbat tournament on the Isle of Man. A write-up of the December 2005 tournament is on the the Isle of Man Table Tennis website.


A new hardbat club has been established in Vandoeuvre, near Nancy (north/east France). Francis Leibenguth is the driving force behind this effort and he has organized the first hardbat tournaments in France in 2004 and 2005. He already has scheduled the third one for June 24, 2006, one week after the Nordhorn (Germany) and two weeks after the Gloucester tournament, so that foreign players have a chance to attend all three tournaments. Check the News/Tournaments page for the results.

Francis has put up a hardbat web blog in French.

To keep up with these developments, check the News/Tournaments page and you may also want to check the Hardbat forum or the web site.