About the USCTTA

How to join


Unfortunately the USCTTA is dormant.

So this website is kept open for historical reasons only. It has last been updated in August 2006.

The sections on membership, equipment and rules are outdated.

How to join the USCTTA


hank you for your interest in the USCTTA. We are a brand new organization, and at this point have little to offer our new members other than a pretty membership card and our thanks in helping to get this young organization started. We hope to offer some membership benefits in the future once we are somewhat more established.

Your initial $20 membership lasts from the time you join until the next July. However, if you join the USCTTA between January and June, the initial membership fee will last for a year plus between 1 and 5 months, until the following July. By using this membership structure, all member renewals occur in July, which helps minimize the record keeping for our organization. Annual renewals (which started in July, 2004) currently cost $20.

Membership Payments

We currently accept payments by personal check only. To join, please send a $20 check made out to "USCTTA" to the following address:

3308 Mission Ridge
Plano, TX 75023

If you enjoy classic table tennis and have a little time to help this organization grow, we would very much value your help as a volunteer. Please see the Volunteers page for opportunities to help out. You might also want to join the Hardbat forum to keep up with the latest hardbat happenings. This e-mail list is not officially affiliated with the USCTTA, but most of the USCTTA organizers are active posters.