About the USCTTA



t this time it is the intention of the USCTTA to put the emphasis on supporting the Classic Game in preference to concentrating on creating benefits for the individual members. Even though, members of the USCTTA have also organized bulk purchases of the early edition of REISMAN CLASSIC rubber at a considerable savings to the members and before the rubber was available in the commercial channels. In the spirit of comradeship, the USCTTA is also supporting the popular social get-to-gethers of hardbat players at the national tournaments.

We plan to change the design of the membership cards annually. Join the USCTTA and collect the membership cards!

Early Membership Cards

Front of Charter Card

Front of cards

Issued in 2002

Front of Active Member Card

Issued in 2003

Back of Card

Back of cards

Angelica Rozeanu,
Issued in 2003 for women

Back (Barna) of Card

Victor Barna,
Issued in 2003 for men